Southern Fabricators Roswell Georgia

Southern Fabrication LLC provides specialized welding and metal fabrication repair for Roswell area businesses. Do you have a problem or situation that only an experienced welder can help you solve? If so, Southern Fabrication is ready to help. With 25 years of experience in metal fabrication and welding, we can provide a permanent solution to most any project. We specialize in Carbon Steel, Aluminum & Stainless Steel, TIG, MIG, Stick.

  • 24/7 On-Site Service
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Logging & Agricultural Equipment
  • Bulldozers & Heavy Equipment
  • Large Machinery Hoppers
  • Sheet Metal & Ductwork
  • Stairs, Ladders, Hangers & Racks

Southern Fabrication provides Fulton County with 24/7 emergency service. Whether you need an expert welder to get your equipment up and running or you have a more complex problem that requires fabricating destroyed or lost parts. Give us a call, day or night, so we get you back on track. Commercial welding and metal fabrication is our primary expertise. However, we can serve, Roswell in many different ways. We offer residential services for a wide variety of homeowner projects, such as wrought-iron work, heavily reinforced gate and fencing projects, bridges and reinforced access ways, farm equipment installation, and repair plus recreational vehicles. No project is too big or too small. Give us a call or use our contact form and we answer questions, set up an appointment, or prepare an estimate.

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