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Southern Fabrication LLC specializes in metal fabrication, welding, and 24/7 emergency repair. Things wear out, burn up, or rust away. Wear and tear is a constant grind on all equipment. With 25 years of experience, we can fabricate a solution that will get you up and running. In many cases, we can fabricate a solution that is better and stronger than the original design. Because we can make it specifically for your situation. Metal Fabrication services for the following cities:

Having a full-time expert welder on staff can be expensive. Just like a full-fledged metal fabrication shop the cost is just too high. That's where we come in, Southern Fabrications is here to help you when you need it the most. More than a repair, we can even help you design and create machine equipment to get your job done faster and better. Call us today, don't hesitate, find what we can offer you in the form of preventative maintenance or repair work.

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Commercial welding and repair available 24/7 Dallas Hiram GA & Metro Atlanta Area